Perchance, Book Three of The Soliloquy

As I was finalizing To Dream for the editor, we realized the manuscript was way too big. As in just under 168K words. It always had been huge but now the decision had to be made. I could cut it down and toss what I cut. Or I could cut off the end and start another book. And thus we have Perchance.

In my head, when I started this series, I had just the three books. But I started thinking about doing a fourth, one with this title, but I just could not come up with anything to fit it. And after the cut was made and I had this 56K+ hunk of words, I took a look at it and realized, I had it right there in front of me. I love it when that happens.

Perchance is going to be about kismet and serendipity in both friends and aliens. It will be sweet as sugar and bitter as lemon soaked pain. And it is going to be about the Enixi finally getting their shit together. Or not. Probably both.

The time it took from when first multi-cell organism was formed from the ooze until man killed another man was but a blink in the eye of the cosmic consciousness. That moment of same species violence revealed the truth of what was to come. The magnificent art on the caves and the formation of spoken words and music: all of them so emotional. They could not compete to the violence man was capable of. The violence man carried out over the ages. The violence man carried out now.

The weapons sweep had brought about the fall of…something. I’m no philosopher. I just know Humans will never be the same again. They’d held this thought, brought on by generations of movies showing how easily humanity could bring down alien space ships, that they could do the same thing in real life. Not so. They’d tried the nuclear options a few times. Tried firing various other rocket payloads. None of them even came close to their targets. They just disappeared.

It’s been about three years or so since the aliens first arrived. After the Purging, the aliens did some good for Earth. Started some recovery efforts to get the pollution out of the water and air. Opened new sustainable communities anyone could move to. Freely gave Earth electric motors just so we would stop using petroleum products. There were some health advances, too. Not much, but some. The aliens—there were three species—were stingy with their technology. If it didn’t benefit Earth herself, they didn’t offer it.

But now the only weapons left were those being handed out to police and select military groups. Keyed to the user’s DNA, the weapon could not be used by anyone else. Oh, sure, there were some bows and arrows somewhere. Molotov cocktails were all the rage with the rioters but skill to make one, fuel to fill it, and aim to make it go where one wanted were three things seemingly in short supply in the same location at the same time.

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