Writers’ Resources

As I do my various research, my bookmarks have grown. I thought I would share them here.

If you have any to add, please let me know via the contact form. I have them set up as I do in my bookmarks: by project. If a link looks faded and has a line through it, then a plugin I’m using has determined it is a broken link. Feel free to contact me about that, too.


Sites I go to first for information:

My WIP Research: (links lead to another page at this site)

…for Wayback

…for Scholarly Ways/Centric

…for Simple Sarah

(links lead to further down this page)

Coming soon:

  • How-To’s/Tips/Grammar
  • Literature
  • Organizations/’Cons’



Southern dialect of the United States:

Humorous ‘Translators’



World Building Software:

World Build How-To

Space, Stars, and Trekkies:

Radio Frequency:


Writer’s Supplies and Gadgets

Commercial Sites/Stores:

Computer Alternatives/Ergonomics: