…to Paula Offutt’s website. I’m an author, poet, and general lay-about. I’ve had three books published (so far!) and this site is to force you to buy them and then do reviews everywhere. So watch the swinging pocket watch and….

Just kidding of course. I can’t make you see that. I tried. Took a good nap, though!

In late July and early August of 2020, I spent about a week redesigning this site from the sludge bottom to the weathered, dull top. Ew, the things I found…

Anyway, where was I going with this? Oh right. This website Another site I am creating will soon may someday have the ability to sell you my books directly. Ebook will be first and then print. First they have to undergo some minor editing changes, get reformatted into the various formats, and then distributed to the various places that deal with such things.

Until then, enjoy the new site! Please let me know if you find any broken links, weird pages, or whatever. Check out the shiny new Sitemap.

Oh! Oh! And I set up an Announcement-slash-news newsletter sign up sheet thing! Woot! So go have fun with the site! Just, please, take off your shoes. I just vacuumed in here.

Butch Girls Can Fix Anything

winner of a 2008 GCLS Goldie for Debut Author;

To Sleep, book one of The Soliloquy

a 2014 GCLS Goldie Finalist;

To Dream, book two of The Soliloquy

a 2016 GCLS Goldie Finalist