Blog Programs

Interested in doing a blog of your own?

There are several programs/software to choose from.

WordPress is what I use. It is a ‘one-click install’ from my site host, DreamHost.

Then there is Drupal. Tom Markiewicz recently posted on his blog about his opinion of Drupal.

Then of course there is

And I am sure there are many many others. These are the free ones, although Greymatter’s support is not free. LiveJournal has a paid subscription version and frankly, I think it is a scam. I have one there, just because I wanted to be able to link to some friends and then link it to here. They often have ‘problems’ with their servers, putting the free blogs into read only mode. However, if you have a paid version, even on the same server, yours is not affected. Now, how damn fishy is that? I also found LJ to be horribly confusing as to how to post, how to edit, etc. To do that, you click on ‘user info’. There, in graphics only, are little icons that lead you to where to ‘update’ your blog.

Drupal has a page on popularity comparisons of Drupal, WordPress, and numerous others.

Jeremy Zawodny has a well commented opinion on this too. He speaks with more authority and knowlege than I do. I represent all the Jane and Joe Users. 😀