Despite me playing with trivial trivia, I also got some editing done. I am kinda stuck with that right now, because a major scene has to be changed. It is mentioned for most if not all of the rest of the book so I need to figure it out now.

I talked to mom yesterday about some medical things (she’s a nurse), such as broken arms and the like. Then I called my brother to discuss drywall, since he had just done his basement. Research can be kinda fun when it involves family.

Have you ever gotten really really angry? Angry enough to like, hit walls or tear apart a room? What would you do? Would you hit the wall with just one hand, repeatedly, or both like a boxer maybe? Or would you swing your arm like you had a hammer, impacting the wall with the side of your hand? Would you kick as well? Would you hit the countertop or table?

That is the scene I need to work out. I had it super simple but mom said no way, the damage would be far too great. Dang.

I sat outside some today while I went over the papers in the clipboard. I have caught Lorna’s Yankee Cold so I feel like crap. I am punishing her with loads of guilt. It’s not working but it’s still fun to do.


  1. Well, since I’m a wuss, I’d pick up something (like a bat, or a crowbar) and slam it into the wall until something broke.

    Then I’d probably just be embarassed. 🙂

  2. That’s about what Lorna said too. She says there are plenty of times she *wants* to hit something, but doesn’t because it would be ‘irresponsible’ or some big word like that.

    I have a helluva temper and have punched a lot of walls in my time. Hit brick once. Duh. Guess who won that fight?

    I’m thinking I will have her beat up some drywall. I dunno yet. sigh.

  3. When I once allowed my body to express the extreme anger it felt, I threw my coffee mug at a dining room window. Shattering glass has always been my fantasy release. I learned long ago not to hit anything with my hands — they bruise and injure way too easily, and I need them for the keyboard!

  4. Had a friend who would go up on the blue ridge parkway and toss eggs at rocks.

    But Kelly has a rage. A big fiery anger that just explodes, part volcano, part teapot.

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