Interesting Mail

Bumped this up ’cause it’s still got me wondering.

Got a small package today. Inside were 10 CDs in five neat holders.

No return address. No note inside. Although it was mailed from the UK.

And um, they were all blank.

Anyone want to tell me they sent it? And why they are blank?

Was I supposed to put something on them for someone?

I am like, sooooo confused.


  1. I only went through about 7 of them. But yeah, they were all blank. The first one has ’97’ written on the inner circle and they are all numbered, M1, M2, M3, etc. also on the inner circle.

    I haven’t a clue who they are from or why.

  2. They only LOOK like CDs. They’re actually nanotech devices sent by CIA operatives in the outskirts of Manchester, England. They have been reported to monitor, record and transmit their surroundings, both audio and video, to an ultra-frankesium analysis and replication center in Area 51. Perhaps you should destroy they at the earliest opportunity. Plant them in the soil next to the bamboo and let it do it’s thang.

  3. You just ain’t right, boy.

    I checked all 10. They are all blank. Have no idea who sent them and why!

    Oh, and the other post your replied too wasn’t supposed to show yet. I corrected my name error and set it to appear when it was supposed to.

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