Go Ahead, Ask me.

So, Paula, how goes the writing?

How nice of you to ask!

It went freakin’ great today. I worked some on BG3 then started the next article for EDSToday. After that I returned to BG3 and got some good scenes in.

Word Counts thus far:

Total for today: 4249 (bg3: 3199; EDS: 1050)
Total for month: 24056 or 57.73% of goal (under goal by 17611)
Total for year: 50933 or 10.19% of goal (under goal by 23057)

BG3 now stands at 35292, 39.21% of goal.

I really feel good about BG3. Finally. It feels as if it is going to come together and make sense and all that. I like the two MCs and think I have them well defined. Now, just to get to the end while maintaining those feelings, eh?