Silly Agent

I got an email today that had me first scratching my head and then laughing said head off.

Back story:

There’s a group called Writers’ Beware
They collect and investigate and educate about bad agents.
One thing to remember with agents and writers: The money flows TO the writer not to the agent. Agent gets paid when the books sells. Writer gets paid when the book sells. Writer does not pay agent. Remember that.

Writers’ Beware has listed the top 20 bad agents they get the most complaints from.

Miss Snark posted the list on her blog which is where I found it.

I used Miss Snark’s post and posted about it here.

The email I got today was from one of the agents in the list. Here is a screenshot of the email:

And here is the text, in case the image is all wonky for you:

Barbara Bauer, Ph.D. wrote:
Cease and Desist: Regarding your post of the 20 Worst Agents which you have copied from an Anonymous Competitor “Miss Snark,” it is disparaging, and inappropriate as well as libelous and defamatory. Remove it promptly. Thank you. Sincerely, Barbara Bauer, Ph.D.


(I even have a screenshot of my email window in case someone doesn’t believe me. but why on earth would anyone not believe me? :wink:)

So my point is, if you are searching for an agent or publisher, if you have been offered a contract by an agent or publisher, there are several places to go to check them out. And you should, really. But then, it’s your money and time they could be wasting.

See update: Revisited


  1. What? Surprised you were impressed? No, I’m not surprised at all. I am a Famous Writer, you know.

    *I* have a book that will be published in February. And how is *your* book going?

    I know, I know. :trout:

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