20 Worst Agents Revisited

Okay. As Rambling Prose said, Barbara Bauer could have just sat back and let folks forget about the list. Newbie writers are a dime a dozen and many of them don’t know bad agents are out there. But no, she just keeps opening her mouth and proving them right.

For a background, I have two prior posts about this:
Bad Agent, No Cookie
Silly Agent

Basically the first post was about the Top 20 Worst Agents. The second post is about Barbara Bauer sending me an email, demanding I delete the other post. Ha.

I’ve just learned that Bauer somehow managed to kinda sorta shut down Absolute Write, a writer resource site with a huge forum.

I surfed over to Miss Snark’s blog where of course she has posted about Bauer. I did what Miss Snark did. I even followed a few links. I found some folk who actually lists Bauer as her agent, but, you guessed it, nothing sold.

If Bauer’s goal was to get some attention, she’s got it. Will it get her any business? In a word? Hell no.