Lorna read what I have so far of Simple Sarah v. 8. She actually liked it, liked the changes I’d made from the original, especially the beginning. She says I am writing much better, especially in making the line of the plot go along smoothly. But she thinks I need to go back and add more to the scenes. There is very little description of where they are, what they are wearing, etc. The little things that put a reader into the scene. She had some other suggestions, all of them meaning I go back over what I have written and fill it out some more.

My quandry is do I do it now or do I wait until the rewrite?

If I do it now, the rewrite will be easier. But I run the risk of losing the flow of the story.

If I do it in rewrite, the flow of the story will continue but I will be constantly going back to see what details I do and do not have.



  1. Make notes on printouts of the scenes you’ve already written, and a summary of them on a separate reference sheet. Keep writing, and check the reference sheet when you need to. When you’ve finished the first draft, do a second pass using the scene notes.

  2. I usually do have a seperate file of notes such as geography (names of towns, valleys, relationship to others) and characters and their titles.

    I like your idea of doing a print out. I’ll find a pencil and make my notes with that. I can erase them as I go. 😀

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