Zen Me In

I got Lorna an MP3 player. While I was at it, I got me one too. 😀

I originally ordered her one from Amazon but they took two weeks to tell me the shipping date would be Aug. 22nd or so. I cancelled the order and went elsewhere.

I got us the Creative Labs Zen Nano Plus. Hers is blue and mine is red. They hold 1GB of music which, frankly, is probably about the right size for us. Our tastes in music is quite eclectic. I have 8 CDs on mine and still have close to 700MB left. The gadget is also a digital voice recorder and FM radio receiver. Don’t think we’ll use the radio much but I like the voice part.

I did some research and found that the Zen is very user friendly as well as is from a well-established audio company. Since Lorna is in her car a minimum of 4 hrs a day, she wanted a way to listen to the music she wanted, rather than whatever was on the radio. She also wanted to shut out her co-workers while at the post office.

The best thing about this toy is that it is small. The worst thing about this toy is that it is small. And I do mean small. It is about the size of a cigarette lighter which means it weighs next to nothing. It fits in small pockets. Yet the sound is unbelievable! And it is oh so easy to lay it down and not see it.