Top Ten

Just got this from CripHumor, By and For the Severely Euphemized. My fave is #3, followed closely by #5.

Ouch’s Top Ten

This top ten was submitted by Stevie Kennedy from Essex, who previously sent us Ten worst things to say to a person with M.E. This one was inspired by a previous Ouch Top Ten. Thanks again, Stevie!

“What are you doing in that wheelchair thing?”

1 “My skateboard’s broken.”
2 “Why not? That’s what I say.”
3 “Well, why are you walking?”
4 “Wheelbarrow races are so passé.”
5 “It’s even more environmentally friendly than one of those hybrid cars.”
6 “I’m on the run from the police. I thought this would make me look less conspicuous.”
7 “Can you guess?”
8 “I was too heavy for my helper dog.”
9 “Cruising for someone special.”
10 “Chillin‘. Killin‘.”