More on OpenOffice

Finally got around to installing the new 3.0. With us going out of town (had fun with the kids and got to take Mom and Jim to lunch) and other stuff going on, I decided to wait until we got back.

Installing was the same as always. OpenOffice likes Java although I’m never really sure just how it uses it. I think it uses the Java “platform” but not Java itself. Not sure on that one. Anyway, got it installed and opened it. Got the usual “user information” screen. I decided to register this time. Usually I don’t since I’m a long time user and should already be marked on the books but with this being the new one and all that stuff, I decided to register again. OpenOffice is not exactly a Sun product. More like Sun is a big sponsor, I think. Anyway, registering this time meant registering with Sun. Not too happy about that but we’ll see what bacn shows up in my mailbox.

After registering (and realizing my user stuff wasn’t valid) I got down to checking out the new version. This is what I got when I opened the program (vs opening a direct component such as Writer).

(larger version of the opening image)

Plenty of choices on what to do next as well as access to add-ons and the like. The icons on the bottom right are: “Get more templates…”; “Add new features…”; “Register…”; and “Get more information….”.

I selected “Open a document” and opened “Exodus and Genesis” (my possible NaNo project). The document opened in the same window so I had to resize it. It looks as if the add-ons I’d installed in the previous version transferred over and the color scheme (migraine specific) is still intact. Even the customization of the toolbars is there, although moved around. There’s some new ones in place (like hyperlinking) that I’ll get rid of. My custom dictionaries/spelling lists are still there.

I clicked the little X to close the document and was shown the window again (vs a blank). I chose “Spreadsheet” this time. Looks the same. So, basically, at first glance, the only obvious difference is the opening window.

I’m going to ask some writer friends who use Word to send me a commented document to see if my OpenOffice and their Word can communicate now. I hope they can! Any volunteers?