Alphabet soup, anyone?

The FCC chairman has spoken against delaying the switch from analog to digital television signals. Wonder if it is because those who have paid the FCC roughly $19 billion are complaining in his ear?

FCC chairman: DTV delay could cause confusion


LAS VEGAS (AP) – Postponing the turnoff of analog TV broadcasts beyond the scheduled date, Feb. 17, could confuse consumers, the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission warned Saturday.

Oh, you mean more confused than we already are?

“There are options they can do without having to delay to get coupons flowing immediately,” Martin said. Congress could give the program additional funding, or eliminate the 90-day expiration deadline on the coupons, he said.

And how would that help? Really, how would it help?

“I’m concerned about a delay in the sense that if you can solve that issue other ways, a delay has actually the potential to confuse consumers,” said Martin, a Republican. “All of our messaging has been about Feb. 17 – not just ours – the industry’s.”

The Feb. 17 date has been widely advertised by local TV stations.


Democratic FCC commissioner Jonathan Adelstein, speaking at a panel discussion at the show, said he understood the call for a delay.

“This program has been badly mismanaged. It’s not ready for prime time,” he said. “There are so many elements of the preparation that have not been undertaken … We don’t have program in place in the field to help people who need assistance in their homes. The phone banks are inadequately prepared.”

The “show” they mention in the article is the International Consumer Electronics Show. How awful to have to be in Las Vegas, right Mr. Martin? We consumers are wondering, though, just whose money did you put down on the blackjack table?