Humpty Dumpty

From the MRI report:

BONES: there is a fracture of the proximal left tibia involving the plateau posteriorly and laterally. The tibial plateau fracture is depressed approximately 3mm. There is surrounding decreased T1 and increased T2 signal intensity in the marrow of the proximal left tibia from edema. There is also a small fracture of the proximal left fibula with some surrounding edema. There is a 3mm dark T1, bright T2 signal intensity lesion in the proximal left tibia. A few tiny subchondral cysts are present in the patella laterally.


1. Left tibial plateau fracture laterally with minimal depression

2. Fracture of proximal left fibula

3. Moderate left knee joint efusion which contains a small amount of fat within it

4. Tiny cystic appearing lesion in proximal left tibia

5. Chondromalacia patella

I fell down with boom. I think it broke before I hit the ground. Not sure. I’m on drugs right now so as far as I know, the Drag King’s Horses are still dancing around me. See the orthopedist today.