Humpty Dumpty Goes to the Doc

Saw the bone doc today.

The fractures have not shifted/expanded since it happened (they took x-rays today). This is good news. The plan now is to continue to take it easy over the next 3 weeks. I can move it as much as it wants to and can start to use the foot for basic balance with light weight bearing but only as much as it (and I) can tolerate.

The pain and inability to move is from the swelling, not just the breaks themselves. As the swelling goes down, so will the pain and up will got the movement. He renewed my pain med and gave another script for an anti-hurling pill. Taking the pain med means I can move it more which can help the swelling go down as long as I am smart about it.

In 3 weeks, if the swelling is down enough or even gone, I will be fitted for a brace to support the joint so I can use it more. I got one today for the other knee to support it as I start to move around more. I already have several but this one is better in that it is latex/neoprene free and has metal stays on each side. This will raise my confidence level tremendously! I am assuming I will get the same type of brace in 3 weeks. From there, it is just slowly moving on, letting everything heal and strengthen.

So no cast, no surgery. Just slow recovery. If there is still swelling and/or pain in 3-4 mos, then we’ll do an arthroscopic peek into the knee to make sure all is well. I’m relieved that the fractures are solid enough that it won’t finish breaking. I’m frustrated that it won’t be a quick fix but instead this slow, creeping process. Eh, well, could be worse. I could have the leg stuck in a cast and be sitting outside with the miter saw about to cut it off.

2 thoughts on “Humpty Dumpty Goes to the Doc

  1. So, when is your bone density test scheduled? You had your calcium checked yet? Nag. Nag. Nag.

  2. It’s on my “list of shit to do” sheet. I need a physical anyway. Just been putting it off. I may schedule it for the morning of the same day as the follow up bone doc appt that way Lorna doesn’t have to take another day off.

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