First Snow

Well, the weather folkses was right. It is snowing. They predicted it would start around 6am. It was starting as sleet when Lorna left for work at 6. I finally dragged my butt out of bed at about 9:30 and it had turned to snow.

The dogs (and me!) greatly appreciated their new ramp. Sam tried to jump up like he always does and forgot the slick snow. He slipped and fell fairly hard but the idiot just tried again. The first section is 5×10 and we thought it would be plenty of room for them all. But I saw the first photo and realized we have some big dogs!

We love our bamboo but it can be problematic in the winter. I don’t think it is leaning into the road. Later I will carefully go out and check. We read an article several years ago that said not to knock the snow off of them unless you have to. Can’t remember why.

Fort Rooster still stands! Solid as a rock that building is. We wanted to cover it this summer but never got around to it.

From where I sit at my ‘puter, I can see 3 bird feeders and two suet feeders. The birds and squirrels keep me entertained. One day while I was busy elsewhere, Lorna sat her and was amazed at how many she saw in that time period.