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Simple Sarah, Book One of the (insert something witty and catchy here) Series is currently over 46K words. Not quite halfway but close enough. I’m writing roughly between 500-1500 words a day on it. Some days I get over 2000, other days I don’t get anything. I hit my writing peak at around 7pm, right when Precious wants me to watch television with her. She has a point, though. Our DVR is full right now! I need to sit down one day and watch a ton of Ellen DeGeneres shows.

Joella is doing well. Not happy with the restrictions. She can’t go out back down the cool dog ramp yet. We may try it tomorrow because she’s driving us nuts. The splint has moved and we go tomorrow to get them to change it.

My blood glucose charts look like log ride. Up and down. I have built in “cheats” to my diet to help stave off the frustration. Usually, they don’t make that big a difference in the numbers. I’m slowly learning what makes the blood glucose go up and what doesn’t.

It got over 50F here today! The big pile of ice between our two cars actually melted today. We were picking up some of the sticks that have fallen but there were a lot still frozen to the ground or had snow or ice on them. We could see where frost had uplifted and left things displaced. We got a used chipper the other week and finally were able to crank it up and use it some. We’ve got piles of sticks everywhere and now we can get rid of them without burning! Yay!

That’s it for now. How are y’all doing?


  1. Before you plan on taking Joella out back . . . better check the forecast. We’re gonna pay for this weekend’s wonderful weather! I celebrated the weather by playing with the big boy toys. Ended up breaking the belt sander.

  2. How on earth did you break a belt sander!?!? Ya goof ball woman. Sigh.

    We took Jo in to get the splint changed. She’d broken it! They put on a bigger one and told us to not let her run around. She hadn’t been, of course. BUT she was trying to scratch herself with that foot and whomped Mike really hard on the head. I’m thinking that did it. Hard headed mule boy. And yeah, isn’t it beautiful out?

  3. Dammit. Deleted Elena’s message again! Arrgh! This is what she had to say:

    Guess I’m not butch enough to fix everything.

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