Sugar Update

Good news is that I am continuing to lose weight. I have lost 20-24lbs so far (depends on day and mood of the scale). There are times when all I want is a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts and there are times that I really don’t mind weighing out the chicken for my sammich.

Bad news is that my blood glucose levels are so freakin’ erratic. For example, I use an app for my iPod Touch called Glucose Buddy. There’s a lot of apps for diabetes but I like this one the most. Anyway, here’s two screenshots. The red line is the high for that day, the blue line is the low for that day and the purple is the average. Basically, the goal is to keep it above 80 and less than 140. The one on the left was a decent week. The one on the right…not a good week.


It is a pattern I see often. A day with a very high spike with a very low drop later that day. The next day will be relatively calm with another crazy day right after. Freakin’ roller coaster days. But I’ll have a week or more of good days where everything is just fine and dandy. But I do know that breakfast is evil to me. I can eat the same thing every day and get a spike one day and not the next.

I see my doc in two weeks. My guess is we will officially drop the “pre” and declare me a true diabetic. And I’m betting I get to take more medication. Whoo-freaking-hoo. Another thought is that I will be put on a schedule. As in “Take this pill at X o’clock and this other one at Z o’clock”. (shudder) I’m figuring this will happen because I have no schedule, no timetable I am stuck to. Today I got up at 9. Day before I didn’t get up until 11. Day before that I didn’t sleep at all.

My brother, dang him, is having no difficulties. He’s so freakin’ regulated that he doesn’t even check his blood glucose anymore. I’d stop talking to him just out of spite but he’d like that too much.