House Projects: Bathroom Done (?)

We think, maybe, perhaps, that the bathroom is done. There’s a few things left to do, such as the door trim has to be put up, but the major things are finished. The big delay was the sink. Oy.

As you learned from the previous post, our sink had to be replaced. We hoped to get a cabinet but that didn’t work out. A pedestal sink thing is designed, basically, for sinks whose plumbing goes through the wall, not to the floor. I didn’t think it would be that difficult. Ha.

I could get the new pipes in just fine, but the pedestal wouldn’t fit. The loop thing (J pipe) was too wide. I got some adapter thingies in hopes I could sweet talk it into working. Nope. Finally, after taking time away from it (I was contemplating looking up how to make a pipe bomb, pun intended), I went to Lowe’s and got two pieces that had flexible sections. And boy george I got it to work. It’s not pretty. And the flexible part (looks like an accordion) makes the water very noisy when draining. But, it works so shut up.

But that wasn’t all the problems. The sink bracket itself is level. But the sink hanging on it is not. The pedestal part didn’t fix it either. At first, the sink leaned in one direction. But, after putting everything together and screwing it to the wall (because to level it meant it wasn’t fully on the bracket anymore), it leaned in the other. But, it works so shut up.

And, you guessed it, the fun continued. Whoever designed sink drain stopper things needs to be stoned to death with their invention. It was the only place that leaked once we got it all together. Then, with the pedestal in place, I had to finish the last part of it blind because it was inside the pedestal. But, it works so shut up.

Next came the light fixture and not even that went right. We wound up again getting creative and the fixture doesn’t exactly cover the hole. But, it works so shut up.

Next came the cabinet to cover the hole of the other light. Would you believe there were no problems with it whatsoever? We were concerned and kept checking to make sure we did it right.

Next we assembled the cabinet that went over the toilet. We managed to put it together without a single fight! Amazing! It was a little easier than Ikea furniture but still had it’s Twister moments. It is wobbly as heck and we can see why they say to attach it to the wall! I put the doors on today and that’s it except for centering it and attaching it to the wall. The floor on one side of the toilet is in poor shape so I am waiting to discuss options with Lorna before attaching it.

All that is left is the curtain rod, hangers, and the shower curtain. Oh, and the new plate for the switch.

Again, I’ve put the photos after the link below (if you don’t see the link, it’s because you’re already here. or there. not sure)

Cabinet over toilet: (I’m standing in the tub to take this photo since I couldn’t get the right angle in the hallway)

The new light fixture: (yes, it is an outdoor light)

The sink:

The light and smaller cabinet: (that covers the hole):

And I put together an image that shows the before, during and after of the wall with the sink. (click the image for a larger version)


  1. I rather like the outdoor light inside — clever.

    One thing — when you put stuff on a shelf above the throne, it eventually ends up being fished out.

  2. We didn’t like any of the “vanity” lights. Most of them required a special bulb and we wanted to avoid that. With such a little room, a row of lights would have been a waste.

    We don’t keep the lid up. Ever. Well, except during use. We never wanted any of our dogs to get into the habit of drinking from it.

    We got it to replace one of the bins that sits outside the bathroom in front of the Rose Room door. It holds odds and ends (such as toilet paper and, for some reason, a hammer). We have to get that bin (and the one under it) out of the hallway so Ryan can get to his room.

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