Believable Angst

Angst is: “An acute but unspecific feeling of anxiety; usually reserved for philosophical anxiety about the world or about personal freedom” (WordWeb). But it is also used by a lot of authors to describe the internal emotional twisting for characters and/or the tension and conflict in a book. Not enough angst, and you wonder why the book was written. Too much, and the reader is exhausted or you’ve made the story unbelievable.

With Romance, the tension/conflict is usually “does she love me yes or no” followed by “she said x but I think she means y so I’m going to run now”. If it were that easy, no one would read it. Usually there’s some sort of medical drama (nothing says I love you like wiping blood of your face or cleaning up your puke, right?). Someone pointed out that nearly every lesbian romance has a concussion in it. And a shower sex scene. Most also have sex in an alley.

So I got Nikki. She’s tall and cute and kinda stingy with her money after years of not having any. Then I got Ellen who is short and cute who spends money too easily because she’s always had someone to bail her out. That and she also keeps an emergency fund on hand for ‘justincaseities’ that crop up. They meet, get to know each other, feel the attraction, get together by the end. I can’t come up with any angst for them. There’s the money thing but that only goes so far before it gets to be annoying. And there’s the Yankee vs Redneck thing which, along with the height thing, is more for comic relief. There’s the dead brother thing but that ties into Harri’s book. I just can’t come up with some believable conflict for them. They just get along rather well, actually. I don’t want to do the misunderstanding thing (something I overdid in BGCFA). Oh, there’s the kitchen. They both love to cook and are rather picky about their kitchen space. But again, that only goes so far.

There has to be something I can do. I want to do this book quickly, get it written (again) and get it sent out. I know I know. Nearly exactly a year ago it was supposed to be out but shit happened. Real Life knocked me for a loop (and Mom is doing well, thank you for asking).

There’s the personal space issue. One is a neat freak (Nikki) and the other is far from it. Then there’s Spam, the big huge Rottweiler with his stuffed elephant.

Sometimes I think I think too much.


  1. Why does Ellen spend money? She drink? Or, does she have an obsession for shoes?

  2. In the beginning of the book, Ellen loses her job and she and a friend move to NC from PA (write what ya know, right?). The house is bought unseen and needs a lot of work (more outgo). Her contract jobs (she’s a freelance software writer whatever person thing) are in limbo as she decides if she wants to work a real job or get more freelance work. And in the middle of it, she orders a new sooperdooper laptop even though she owns 4 desktop PCs, a Linux desktop, a Mac, and a PC laptop. Then she goes with Nikki to the Folk Art Center where she spends big bucks on a quilt and art pottery (as opposed to functional).

    She SAYS she has a lot in savings but all Nikki sees is stuff going out and nothing coming in.

  3. I personally don’t know many lesbians who have had concussions, and none who have had sex in an alley. Are these things related? Are they required to get into the club? Have I missed something? Now who’s thinking too much? :p

  4. LOL Nah, your long legs alone gets you in the club. If one exists.

    What I meant was every romance NOVEL has those elements. And I was being sarcastic. Kinda.

    I noticed, however, that you did not mention you’d not had sex in a shower….oh how you love to tease me.

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