Book Giveaway!

Enter a drawing for copies of books by (or including work by) members of the Lesbian Fiction Forum, a discussion site for readers and writers of lesbian fiction.

The books we’re offering:

Redemption, by Forum member DeJay

Butch Girls Can Fix Anything, by Forum Member Paula Offutt

Lesbian Cowboys, edited by Forum Member Sacchi Green, including a story by DeJay

Lesbian Lust, edited by Sacchi Green, including stories by DeJay and Forum members Fran Walker and Ren Peters

A Ride to Remember, by Sacchi Green

Promises, Promises, by Forum member L-J Baker

Women of the Bite, edited by Cecilia Tan, including a story by Fran Walker

Skulls and Crossbones, edited by Andi Marquette and R.G. Emanuelle, including a story by Forum member Elaine Burnes

Enter by commenting on this announcement at
Guests are welcome to comment and enter the drawing. You do not have to register or join the forum or provide personal details to post a comment on this topic and enter the drawing.

Eight names will be drawn as winners, and will be contacted in the order drawn to determine who gets which book. No need to express a preference yet.

The deadline for entering is Sunday, December 18, midnight EST.