Organization Part Do

See the pun I made?

Anyway, I worked for a grand total of 24 minutes before my back and hip was hurting to the point I could no longer bend over or lift.

Let’s see how long it takes me to recover so I can work some more.

And the problem with cleaning house is I usually make more of a mess than the one I was cleaning up. I now have several piles.

– To BestBuy (they recycle electronics for free)
– To Look Through (WTF is this for?)
– Stuff to Keep (Ah! That’s where that went! WTF is it for?)
– Magazines (do I really need that 2007 Diabetes Cooking magazine? The subscription we cancelled after just two issues?)
– Cardboard (everything is in boxes that is haphazardly stacked)
– Trash Can One (stuff that can be thrown away directly)
– Trash Pile Two (stuff that needs to be dealt with. Like the box with a huge mouse nest made out of two years worth of QST magazine. Why didn’t they use the Diabetes Cooking one?!)
– And a little pile of “Lorna Stuff”. Mostly stuff from pre-2000 that can safely be thrown away now. Right?