End of the Line

No, I’m not stopping the blogging or whatever this is. I’m just taking it elsewhere.

My main website, PaulaOffutt.com, is, at this moment, undergoing some major changes. Big changes. More changes than any other website…. Just joshin’ you.

Where was I going with this post? Oh, right. I decided to do the same here. Except this site’s posts go back to 2003. And I’ve got posts from the html table version (pre-WordPress) that I never put in.

Which means there’s a hella lot of verbage to move.

So I’m not going to move it. Nyah.

Instead, this location (paulaoffutt.com/blog/) will become an archive. All new posts will be coming from blog.paulaoffutt.com (make a note of that).

So. There it is. Give me about a week or so I guess and it will be up.

You can go to the main site (They’re Just Words) and sign up for the Announcement/News/Updates/WheneverIFeelLikeIt list and be notified of when the main site is live, when the new blog is live, and when/where books will be available for sale! (I am so proud of myself for getting that list set up.)

So, farewell Thought Patterns and Hello to….ah geez, now I gotta come up with another name! Dangit.


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