It’s Been Awhile

Wow, hadn’t realized it had been so long…Not very ‘bloggish’ of me, is it? Rude too. Writing has gotten interesting. I am growing as I go along, learning alot from that group of nuts at Forward Motion. I got a good crit (critique) back for Simple Sarah that made some great suggestions. My ‘showing’ the story is getting better, at least according to my spouse. She is good at seeing things from an angle I do not – the reader.

I have only worked on Simple Sarah lately. I am even behind on my 2 Year Novel class. It’s all about priorities, isn’t it?

Counts as of 3/21:

  • Simple Sarah – 65,736 (after a four day edit that started at 69509)
  • Simple Sarah Worldbuild – 247

HamFest and Counts

I have been hard at work on this new novel, now tentatively called Simple Sarah, and just have not gotten around to updating my blog.

Yesterday Lorna and I went to Charlotte and attended our first Ham Fest. We were disappointed, since it was appearantly not only not well attended, but there were about half the usual exhibitors. Even the flea market tables were pitiful. However, I did get to touch and mess with several of the radios I am trying to decide between. The size of buttons and how they are used are more important than what the radio can do. Does not do any good for a radio to have all the bells and whistles I want and the buttons be too small or too close together for my hands to use. I have narrowed the choice down to two: the Icom IC-706MGIIK and the Yaesu FT-895. They are very much identical, even in price. They each have their own quirks and their own special bell or whistle. One weighs less but the other has 3 different power options.

Not that it does any good to decide since both radios run between $750-900 (depending on the retailer) and that is just the radio! I need an antenna tuner (the RT-11 or the Z-100 or the AT-897), the grounding materials, a reliable power source, etc etc.

One of the things that has me leaning more toward one than the other is that the reps in the Icom booth paid me little to no attention. It was as if I was invisible; which is hard to do since I am a fat broad in a yellow powerchair with a rottweiler at my side. Sad that the fact I was a YL (female) outweighed all the other.

However, at the Yaesu booth, the rep not only answered my every question, he also knelt on the floor, so he was at my height, and he understood my needs both physically and drool-wise. He was not a ‘true’ rep, but was a technical guy so he had no sales pitch (and if that was his sale pitch, who cares! It worked!). Keep in mind, the reps are not there to sell you anything, but to provide information about their products and company.

Anyway, back to my writing. Maybe I should push Wayback along so that I can get my radio, huh? My point in initially bringing up the Ham Fest was that on the way back, I read about 16 pages of Simple Sarah to Lorna. She had some good points to make, and I even made notes about them! I think I may be getting the hang of this writing thing.

Counts as of end of 3/13:

  • Simple Sarah – 59,122
  • Simple Sarah Worldbuild – 2276
  • March thus far – 54,895
  • Year to date – 182,640 (and ‘only’ 317,360 to go on the year long dare of 500K)

RL and Writing

I am making steady progress on the new novel. With this one, I understand the idea of ‘rough draft’. I have nicknamed it ‘Next Step’ to help me keep everything organized. It currently is already at 21,367 as of yesterday.

Wayback is still with another writer being checked out. I believe she has a life, unlike me, and will take a while. At first I was all nervous about it and now I am fine. I put a snippet of Predictable World up on the forum and got some good feedback. So I know it desperately needs some editing. I have not touched Pedigree in quite a while and I need to get another chapter of Ryan’s book done and sent to him.

I recently got a book by Cameron called The Right to Write. It’s a decent book, each section is a small essay followed by an exercise at the end. Some of them are a little odd from my perspective but I understand that the generic ‘you’ is prominent in this book. I recently heard she had a third book out but I can’t remember the title.

The year to date word count is: 143,706. Not bad for a Southern blonde, huh?

In Real Life, I had the second sleep test and hated the CPAP. The mask is going to take some getting used to. I goofed up on the cable bill something awful and it may be off for a while, including the internet. I may experience withdrawals soon. Spring seemed so teasingly close and then today winter reared its white head. Temperatures are dropping like a rock and there are severe wind warnings up as well as winter weather advisories. Arrgh!

Dare Goals Reached

Well, I made all of my Dares.

  • Master Level Word Count – 127,845 for 120,000
  • Journeyman Level Worldbuild Count – 6985 for 6000
  • Apprentice Non-Fiction Dare – 2 for 2

So far for March I have done 8428 words. AND those words are all for my NEW novel. Yeah, I know. But Pedigree is far too much like I am *still* writing Wayback. And Predictable World is not only too deep for me to just sit and do, but it really needs some editing. And the 2YN is, duh, a two year project. This New Novel is not named yet. I am playing right now with the concept, seeing how it flows and how the ideas I have fit together. So far so good. I think it will make it.

Oh, and I still have Ryan’s book. It’s time I sent him another chapter.

In Real Life I go for the second sleep study tonight; less than an hour from now actually. More on that later. Nothing much else going on.

RL and Counts


Dance dance dance, boogey down, boogey down. Yes, I am a child of the Disco Era. Get over it.

So, here I am. I have a 133,039 document. Over half of which is edited. Now what?

It has been suggested that after I have edited it all the way through, that I put it up for a novel exchange. That is where two folks with similar interests (I assume) exchange their completed novel for critiquing. Sounds painful, doesn’t it?

So, what do you think I should call it? So far I have just called it Wayback. I am considering calling it ‘Mutts from Wayback’ but there are many more critters than just mutts. Tell me what you think.


Dare #33 – 97,752 w/ 22,248 to go (120K) – ends Feb. 29th

  • Jan Total – 63,977
  • Feb Total – 33,775

Dare #28 – 2796 w/ 1204 to go (4K) – ends Feb. 29th

  • Jan Total – 2135
  • Feb Total – 661

Year Dare – 402,248 left to go (500K)

2YN Counts:

  • 2YN – 5891
  • 2YN notes/world – 724

Ryan’s Book – 3652 (which, by the way, he LOVES!)

Wayback Counts:

  • Beginning – 42,850
  • Middle – 48,599

    Ending – 41,590

    World/Notes – 225

In Real Life, I have yet another diagnosis. I have sleep apnea. You can imagine my joy and whoop-ti-do-ness levels. Since I have been spouting off numbers, here are mine: in the 5hr 19min sleep test, I stopped breathing or shallow enough to be worthless – 337 times. The average is 63 times an hour; the longest I held my breath – 33 seconds. (try it, right now, to hold your breath for 33secs. Awake, I can only make it to 15) My awake O2 saturation level was 94%; my lowest in the study was 82%. On average, my body twitched 15 times an hour, but only 2 were hard enough to cause my sleep level to elevate.

These numbers put me in the ‘severe sleep apnea’ category, according to the various sources listed below. What this means is that on March 2nd, I will have another sleep test. I will go to sleep already attached to the CPAP machine and its mask and headgear. They will adjust the pressure to make it so that I do not stop breathing. My hypothyroid can be making the sleep apnea worse, but the sleep apnea can make my hypertension worse. The twitching, the reason I went to this study to begin with, is caused by my brain trying to wake me up enough to start breathing again. Hence the whoop-ti-do level of excitement.

  • NIH National Center on Sleep Disorder Research
  • American Sleep Apnea Association; publication list
  • WebMD pages on Sleep Apnea
  • National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute

Also in Real Life, I acquired the water pump heating pad yesterday. It is amazing how well it worked to release some of the tension in my neck. I am also re-starting PT, this time just for the neck.

Today is Valentine’s Day. Me and my Valentine of 13+ years will hopefully spend a quiet evening at home, perhaps watching a movie or two.

Marathons and Dares

Wayback is just rolling along! I am aiming to get this dang thing done this week. Then I will need to do a massive edit. The Grand Total is over 125K now. Never thunked it would ever reach this far.

This past weekend I finally got that 15K mark! I participated in the Take 1 Feb Marathon and got it. Dang that was a lot of words! As a side note, I originally signed up for a Dare – Apprentice Word Count. But I exceeded that total so I upped myself to the Journeyman Word Count. Now I am less than 400 words away from knocking that one down too. I am going to go ahead and upgrade myself to the Master Word Count. Which means 2000 words a day for a total of 120K words. Gads. Well, can’t hurt to aim for it, right?

In Real Life, not much going on. Luckily the ice/snow storms have been more rain. The other night was interesting, with folks burning lots of rubber trying to make the hill. Nothing yet from the sleep clinic. I guess that’s a good thing.

Real Life Interference

(Drum Roll) Dare numbers so far are:

Dare #32 – 73608 w/ 16392 to go (90K)

  • Jan Total – 63977
  • Feb Total – 9631

Dare #28 – 2771 w/ 1229 to go (4K)

  • Jan Total – 2135
  • Feb Total – 636

Year Dare – 426,392 left to go (500K)

The Ending has now reached 25883
Wayback has now reached 116,751

I have reset my daily word goal to 1000. I need that extra push to get stuff written. Wayback, as you can see, is coming along great. I am considering making Predictable World into an E-book if I ever get around to finding out what an E-book is.

Real Life sucks. Yesterday had to have a shot of demoral (sp?) to make a massive headache go away (it had reached its 36hr mark). Yet it did not let go until this morning. My head is still not right. My scalp is all numb and I am SOOOO tired. But I managed to get some work done and as always that makes me feel better. All the dogs are doing well, Joella especially. She can sometimes be a pain in the arse but, hey, gotta love her.

Lorna has done exceptionally well during the past several days as I recover from this headache. I really got lucky when I found her.