Time Lines


The current direction of BG2 just ain’t gonna work. I have Ellen and Sam moving down together (from Philly). But it’s just not working. I can’t do Nikki and Ellen’s plot with Sam and Chaz’s going on, too. The time line just isn’t coming together right. And it’s just not time, it’s plot. That thing that readers kinda hope happens when they buy a book, yanno? Silly readers. What do they know, right?

Anyway, I’ve now got to back up and make it Ellen moves down alone, but perhaps Sam comes with her maybe, to help? Then returns up Nawth? She needs to come down later to meet Chaz again, but right now, it just isn’t working.

Sometimes I wish my characters DID talk to me, ’cause then I’d put their fictional asses to work! You don’t like where I’m taking you? FINE! Where do you want to go? I figure if I fall asleep during the movie in my head, then the book isn’t working as it is.

Dammit. And I’d crossed the 10K line today, too!


Ah! This feels good! I am up to and past chapter 20/page 72. Now is when Grace and Kelly open their eyes to what is right in front of them. They still have some stuff to go through first, but the comparison is about to start.

I wonder why I write romance. Basically because I am intrigued with the idea of getting two people together. That love can get folks to do stupid things, good things, impossible things. That romance, the wooing and cooing to entice the other, still exists. Am I a romantic at heart? Dangit, yes. But shhh, don’t tell anybody!

I want to write fantasy books, The Graced is my effort into that realm. Good vs evil type stuff. Aren’t we all? Isn’t that one of the basics of our existence? We can’t ride that fence. We either make a conscious choice or we just do.

I have another theory. The world revolves around priorities. Not necessarily just on the ‘must’ priorities, but also, and probably more, on the ‘want’ priorities. And those two switch places at random. Which choice is ‘good’? Which choice is ‘evil’ or ‘not good’?

A person meets someone he/she is interested in and decide to make a commitment to each other. Because our person already owns a house, they decide that they will live in that house, together. Now, which is the priority? truly sharing? or holding onto what he/she alone worked hard to pay for?

Lorna and I have been together for 14 and 1/2 years. Over the years our priorities have changed, evolved, even metamorphed into things we never considered. Have we always had the same priorities? hell no! I don’t want to live with my clone! *shudder*

At any rate, I ramble again.