bookmark_borderOut of Town

And this time I’m not leaving you little stories to read. They all stank anyway.

I’m taking the laptop with me and plan on doing some writing/editing while Lorna drives. I plan on irritating the shit out of her with my whining. It’ll keep her awake, right? Nice of me to do that public service.

Back Monday or Tuesday. If I can, I’ll let y’all know I’m still alive. You just never know when Lorna is going to have enough and kill me.

bookmark_borderMain Site

The main site is acting wonky. At least for me it is.

Anyone else get a weird full page error message? “Precondition failed”?

I’m on my way out of town (read for us, Kev and Col??) and can’t really fix it until I get back.

I just rechecked it and the site comes up fine. Until I get into the admin section and then it boots me. Weird.

Still, if anyone else has problems, let me know.