Weird, Wacky, and Wonky

That’s how the computers have been for me lately. First the internet connection was acting up (got a new cable modem). Then I upgraded my servers with my website host and my sites went down for several days (a bad script or something on their end). Next I upgraded the main site’s WordPress install and it promptly went down (no clue exactly but a wide variety of fixes was needed and it’s still not acting right). Then I made Mike his own site with WordPress and, you guessed it, that went bad (not sure what was wrong there either, but it is working).

Normally, WordPress works great. But I’m not sure about the latest version. Each time I install it, either myself or through Dreamhost’s “One-Click Install”, something goes wrong. Then yesterday, this blog was not letting me into the admin section. I hadn’t done the upgrade because the others were so mucked up. No clue what was wrong but it is working, so far, today. I did do a virus and spyware/malware check on this laptop and did a hard boot. Nothing came up but who knows?

Anyway, life goes on. Mike is growing, Joella is jealous, PopCorn is ill (more on that in a few days), Sam is playing with Mike, Casey is still being her usual obnoxious self, and Lorna is just as wonderful as ever. I must’ve done something wonderfully good in my otherwise normal childhood in order to deserve such a wonderful partner. She’s beautiful, smart, a great cook, got a glorious singing voice, and yet, she loves me. How weird, wacky, and wonky is that?

Websites Back Up!


Dreamhost, the best web host evah, now has Private Servers available. I decided to give it a try. Everything went fine except the websites (as in ALL of them) were down for several days while we waited on the DNS whatchacallit to catch up. I finally asked tech support why it was taking so long (usually it is done within 24hrs). I got a reply today and seems there was a file error somewhereanother and all is well.

Way cool and groovy.

More later. I’m out the door as soon as I finish this.

Main Site

The main site is acting wonky. At least for me it is.

Anyone else get a weird full page error message? “Precondition failed”?

I’m on my way out of town (read for us, Kev and Col??) and can’t really fix it until I get back.

I just rechecked it and the site comes up fine. Until I get into the admin section and then it boots me. Weird.

Still, if anyone else has problems, let me know.