Too often the books concentrate on the sword swinging heroine. Simple Sarah is about the sidekick. It is about how the common, everyday woman can be a vital part of the fight against evil just by being herself.

The book, Simple Sarah, was originally written way back in February of 2004. When finished in just three months, it was over 120,000 words. In September 2004 I wrote Long Lea (LL), a prequel to Simple Sarah (SS).

After writing LL, I decided the whole thing would be better as a trilogy and I renamed them as The Blessed (SS), The Graced (LL), and the Divine.

Simple Sarah/The Blessed (pronounced bless-ed, not blest) has been rewritten twice three a lot of times, most recently it has been read by two beta readers and I entered in their suggestions. The book will end before the original did and will be around 95K words in length (currently it is just over 92K). It will deal predominantly with the sidekick.

Long Lea/The Graced will be short and will be mostly flashbacks and story telling. At least, that is how it goes now.

The Divine will cover the dramatic conclusion to Good vs Evil.

Sarah ordered her ale. “I see your assistant is with Kellyn again. Are they officially dating?”

Lea looked over her shoulder at them. “Yes, they are. It is good for Agnes to meet someone with brains. She tends to love and leave them but I don’t think Kellyn is going to let her go.”

“There are not many like-minded women in Whitehaven so it could be poor Kellyn is very desperate. When we met, we knew immediately we were not compatible as lovers. We liked each other too much to spoil it by dating.”

Lea paused, her mug halfway to her mouth. “You are…”

“I are. Do you have a problem with that? Surely not, since your assistant are too.” Sarah grinned into her own mug.

“No, not a problem, only, well, I are too. I mean, I am a lover of women as well.”

Sarah looked Lea up and down, evaluating her. “I would date you, I suppose. Our height differences would make it interesting.”

“I don’t date, Sarah. My life is chaotic enough without adding in a sexual partner.”

“Too bad. You’re missing out on a lot.”

The main problem with SS is the fine line and delicate dance between it being a fantasy and it being a romance.

Lea washed the last of the dishes and put it on the towel to dry. She went to the open window and looked out. “Somewhere, someone is calling out to Chamandra.”

“Are they in trouble?” Patrice put down the dagger she was sharpening.

Lea paused. “No, just troubled. It is someone we will help while we are here.” She reached out with her mind toward the anguished soul in Whitehaven. She sent soothing waves toward the person, letting whoever it was know their goddess had heard them and help would be available.

I think I am dancing along that line rather well. There’s only two kisses, if that many, in The Blessed.