I started out by writing non-fiction and I continue to do so whenever I can. When in college, I was a reporter for the college newspaper, then was a photographer, later having a column of my own. I have written newspaper articles since then, but none have been published. Mostly now I write for magazines, newsletters, and whatever.

I was a regular contributor to EDS Today, “the newsletter for, by, and about people with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome”. I began writing them starting in the Fall-Winter 2001 issue. They are now a resource website and no longer doing a newsletter.

EDSToday articles:

Muscadine Lines:

Vision, a Resource for Writers:

Poetry (read at your own risk):

I have recently put online some of my newer poetry. I think that, with age, I have gotten a little better at it. As proof, you can read some of my much, much older (as in about from the 80s) poetry. They are awful and I know it. Read them if you feel brave enough.

Other Articles/Essays (unpublished):

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  1. I stumbled on your site when looking for something else. The web world is a very fun place to explore. I always leave it with a feeling that I learned something new. I was reading about your writings and publishing attempt adventures. I am a closet writer. I write for pleasure but would like to begin writing articles or something as a hobby and possibly a small income source. Do you have any advice or information that I might use to get started? If not or you don’t have the ability to say, it was fun to read your site anyway.

  2. Gee, where to start???

    I guess drift over to the blog and from there check out all the writers’ links. There are places out there (on the ‘net) that are excellent resources for information! The groups list would be worth your look.

    Sorry it took so long to respond.


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