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So far, we have discussed various stuff on how to decide if you need a Service Dog, how to select a dog to train, training that dog, etc. There are a lot of businesses that have supplies, information, books, resources, etc to assist you with your Service Dog. If you have access to the internet, that list grows tremendously. One place to go that has a long list of resources is the DAHRT link page at, then click on link page.

For those of you without internet access, or who would rather have something in your hand to hold, I am going through the links to provide the ones that have addresses, catalogs, or phone numbers to call.

Insurance plans:

Banfield Pet Hospital – has several plans for insurance for your dog.

    Banfield, the Pet Hospital
    11815 NE Glenn Widing Drive
    Portland, OR 97220

    Optimum Wellness Plans
    New Optimum Wellness Plan Information and Inquiries. 1-866-277-7387

International Association of Assistance Dog Partners – offers a “Veterinary Care Partnership Program” with various vets. You must be a member to participate. Membership is $15 a year. There are other benefits to joining.

    IAADP c/o Jana Klepsch
    11318 Sioux
    Redford, MI 48239

Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI) – offers an insurance plan that reimburses so it’s good for any veterinarian. 1-800-USA-PETS

Legal Information:

A free CD-ROM containing a complete collection of the Department of Justice ADA materials, including: regulations, architectural design standards, and technical assistance publications, may be ordered by calling the ADA Information Line at 1-800-514-0301 (voice) or 1-800-514-0383 (TTY) 24 hours a day. It can also be found via the Internet at:

You can also call the above numbers to obtain a copy of the “Commonly Asked Questions About Service Animals”.

The U.S. Department of Justice provides information about the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) through a toll-free ADA Information Line. This service permits businesses, State and local governments, or others to call and ask questions about general or specific ADA requirements including questions about the ADA Standards for Accessible Design.

ADA specialists are available Monday through Friday from 9:30 AM until 5:30 PM (Eastern time) except on Thursday, when the hours are 12:30 PM until 5:30 PM. Spanish language service is also available.

For general ADA information, answers to specific technical questions, free ADA materials, or information about filing a complaint, call: 1-800-514-0301 (voice) or 1-800-514-0383 (TTY)

Service Dog Organizations:

    800 N. Swan, #126
    Tucson, AZ 85711
    1-520-323-6677, Fax #: 1-520-323-3512

    International Association of Assistance Dog Partners
    Editor / Information and Advocacy Center
    38691 Filly Drive
    Sterling Heights, MI 48310

    Canine Companions for Independence
    PO Box 446
    Santa Rosa, CA 95402-0446

    Toll-Free 1-800-572-BARK (1-800-572-2275), Connects to nearest regional center. National Headquarters 1-866-CCI-DOGS (1-866-224-3647).


ABLE-PHONE (Model 3000 is designed for a SD to use)

    1246 Losser Ave
    Gridley, CA, 95948

Bridgeport Leather has handmade (but off the shelf) harnesses, leashes, and collars

    Bridgeport Leather
    231 Morrison Road
    Columbus Ohio
    FAX 614-759-4718

Cool Capes has mesh capes for Service dogs; owned and operated by people with disabilities.

    Cool Capes
    3702 Auburn Way South #R202
    Auburn, WA 98092

LDS Leather Company has custom made harnesses, collars and leashes; owned and operated by people with disabilities

    LDS Leather Company
    1108 West Main
    Norman, Oklahoma 73069
    Orders only 1-877-434-9869

Nu-Capes has reflective identification capes and accessories; owned and operated by people with disabilities.

    PO Box 52648
    Philadelphia PA 19115
    1-215-677-1352 (voice, tdd, fax)

PlanetDog has ecological and environmentally friendly dog toys and gifts. Call 1-800-381-1516 for catalog.

Dogwise – a Direct Book Service Inc. Company

    701 B Poplar
    Wenatchee, WA 98801

Good golly! There are a LOT of links on the DAHRT link page. I thought this would be easy! I suggest that if you do not have access to the Internet, go to your local library, since many of them have free access. Go to the DAHRT website and check out the links. I hope the above listing was helpful, if not tempting. They are just the tip of the iceberg!


NOTE: This article has been/will be updated as the information provided changes. For the original article, please see the EDSToday, Issue 8.


Originally published in EDSToday newsletter issue #8.
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  1. I was not happy with the treatment or the quality of LDS leather but fell in love with
    the price, quality, and customer service of
    Active As long as they treat me well, they will continue to have a service dog equipment purchaser ( plus my service dog
    clients) for years to come.
    Angel Aris, Guardian Angels Service Dogs.

  2. My K9 partner and I used equipment from LDS Leather for years. When I became disabled in the line of duty, my partner was retrained as my service dog. Karen at LDS Leather Company was instrumental in my regaining a reasonably normal life style by helping to design a unique but remarkable harness for my dog and me. I’d recommend their service and equipment without reservation.
    Officer Scott Lizarraga and Simon

  3. We finally received our LDS Leather Mobility Harness. Wow what a pain. It took just under 16 weeks to get, which is OK, the difficult part is communication. She charged our credit card September 25th, said it was shipping that day, then nothing. We could not get ahold of her for anything. No email, no phone, nothing. I even tried searching the web for other phone numbers to call. We finally filed a dispute on Oct 12th with our credit card company. They tried calling and calling and calling. Finally, the credit card company got ahold of their bank and the bank got ahold of Karen. The first email we ever received from her, ever, said:

    “Dear marry,

    Please disregard the ship notice you received earlier today. Fortunately, a representative from our bank phoned to let us know of your wish not to receive your harness only about an hour or so after Larry drove your parcel to the Oklahoma City airport post office and shipped it. Fortunately, he was only across the street at the airport waiting for our daughter’s flight so he was able to return to the post office and retrieve the parcel so that you are saved the inconvenience and expense of returning it.

    Have a nice weekend.”

    We tried calling back, guess what, no answer. We replied to her email and said, again, we’ve been trying to get ahold of you for three weeks, no reply. We have relatives in OKC so we had them pay cash for the harness. She still charged $50 for shipping, then we had to pay more shipping to have it delivered.

    I still don’t have an invoice or any record of the transaction. I’ve called and left emails. We’ll see.

    The product is solid and well built, just a pain to get.


  4. another place that has great service dog equiptment and it holds up and they are a pleasure to work with as i am a service dog handler,,, i go to i have been purchaseing their service dog vests for awhile now and other products like there handles for harnesses they are well made and i like that they can be used on any harness not just one ,,
    thanks for listening Joann from big bear lake, ca

  5. I, too, had some bad experiences with LDS Leather. All of this happened a few years ago. Basically, when I tried to take them up on their lifetime warranty in case of design defects, I was told that I had “abused” my harness. I decided to pay for the repair job, but it still took around four months to get the harness back. It ended up that, because of the type of repair that was done, the handle was too short. I don’t blame Karen for this, since I agreed to the type of repair she suggested. But I was not going to send it back there, given the fact that I, too, had received emails claiming things were shipped, etc. I found someone who made a nice handle for me, She was a little slow in sending it, but she gave me a great price, and the handle has the best grip I’ve ever useed. I’ve also gotten great leashes from Her leashes cost more than those from LDS or other providers, but they are wonderful, and she will custom-make what you want. You’ll also have them inside a week most of the time. She will also tell you if she doesn’t think she can make something (a guide-dog harness handle, for example). Re: LDS: I think they tried to expand too quickly and take on more than they could accomplish. It’s too bad, because they really had a lot of potential. I really like a lot of the design principles in my guide’s harness.

  6. I orderd a Guide Dog Harness from LDS Leather and communication was great until I placed an order. Now Karen refuses to answer emails. She quoted and sent a confirmation order for $210 and then charged my credit card for $220. She refuses to say to give any explanation. Refused to deliver to the address which I asked although she accepted the order. Now my sister in law has to resend the package to my address in Texas. I have found the LDS Leather operation to be dishonest and totally lacking in ethics.

  7. LDS Leather has horrible customer service.
    “I ordered a dog leash and collar, didn’t get it 6 months later, so I tried to cancel, they never answered their phone so I had to leave a message. 5 months later they shipped it, charged my credit card, almost twice what I was expecting, and did not include an invoice, just a receipt for amount total. Tried to contact to return, still wouldn’t answer phone. I finally got through and Karen hung up on me. Did some research and their Better Business Bureau file has over 20 complaints in the last 3 years. End result, I had to spend my time filling out forms for credit company to get a refund. Also, the leather has their company website embossed on the outside of their leashes and collars. Very tacky, had I known I would never have ordered in the first place. Do I want to pay $100 for a leash and collar with their name stamped on it?”

  8. Got Thought Patterns of your own? Input ’em here.
    I just received truly beautiful custom-made products from LDS in record time (less than a week). I’d call that GREAT customer service! And I’m very picky. If there’s a logo on any of my 4 prodcuts, I can’t see it. My dog thinks he’s a diva now. My neighbors already thinks he’s one too. I’m sure their delivery time must depend on their curent workload, as with all artists/craftspeople. I was willing to wait weeks for this kind of product but was happily surprised to receive it within days.
    Karen answered the phone herself every time I’ve called and I called her repeatedly about this one order (I told you I was picky).

  9. Great experience with LDS!

    I wanted to get my dogs vest before we left on vacation. I called on Tuesday, asked if this were possible, since were were leaving Friday (I know…crazy request!). The woman said “sure!” I already had the order in the Shopping Cart on the website, so she told me to just submit it. I paid for the express shipping because she told me that priority mail would be iffy going all the way to WA where I live in two days. I got my dog’s vest, with the patch I wanted perfectly sewn in place, Thursday morning. The other patches that I ordered were also in the box. Everything was of excellent quality.

    I couldn’t ask for anything more. Great company, friendly, meticulous service.

  10. LDS Leather Company – Horrible service

    LDS Leather Company is unprofessional and dishonest.

    I placed my order in writing via fax in mid August 2007. I call to see if my faxed was received, I spoke with Larry. He was very unprofessional. He gave me a hard time because I was requesting 1″ wide collars for my two small breed dogs. He basically told me that the width was big for the length. I told him that I understood that. He said ‘I can make you whatever you want but since this is custom once it’s made it’s yours whether you like the way it looks or not.’ I said OK, I understand this is what I want and I want to place the order.

    He went over the order and pricing with me, he told me it would be about 4 weeks and my total didn’t include shipping and handling yet. They would add that once they were ready to ship it. I agreed, I redrafted another fax, reiterating what we spoke about.

    A month and ½ later I call to check on my order and Karen tells me that due to weather and floods they were a bit behind but they would get it to me in 2 weeks.

    2 ½ weeks later I call and Karen tells me ‘well this is custom work and it takes time, we’ll have it to you in 10 days’. Throughout my conversations with them my husband called as well and got the same bad attitude and run around.

    2 weeks after that I speak with Karen and she tells me that the collars are done. ‘They are on the bench ready for the final touches and will be shipped in the next 5 days’.

    I call TODAY 1 week and ½ after that conversation, Larry answers. It puts me on hold for 5 minutes (timer on cell phone) like they do every time I call, but after reading all these other complaints I guess I should be glad that they answered and didn’t hang up on me.

    Larry tells me that they haven’t been made yet. I asked Larry, “then why did Karen tell me they were on the bench ready to go?” ‘Oh I don’t know about that’ he says. Then he starts reprimanding about my order, ‘the collars are too wide, the price you listed is WRONG’ never mind the fact that this is what HE told me it cost!!! He wouldn’t let me get a word in edge wise.

    I told him that it was my turn to talk and that it seems like to me that they were lying to me about my order and since the collars weren’t done yet I was cancelling my order. Somewhere in my rant he passed the phone off to Karen because then I hear ‘he already did’.

    I called my credit card company to make sure I had not been charged and luckily I hadn’t. I told them what had happened and requested to have the incident documented in my account incase they decide to charge me. Unfortunately once you give a company your credit card number you give them permission to use it.

    I think that Larry just did not want to make the collars I requested. They do a lot of work for service dogs and it seems like they have better experiences. They probably didn’t want to make “foo foo” collars for a couple of little dogs.

  11. I just purchased an assistance dog harness from LDS Leather. The “generous” honeycomb padding is so thin I thought the padding had been mistakenly left off especialy since all of the metal hardware is exposed and would be directly againt the dogs skin. I have now spent over $390 for a harness I can’t use.

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