There’s the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

And there’s the CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act)

And then there’s this site. I’m just a writer. I know very little to anything about what to do with folks’ personal data that this website collects. I know how to use it for statistics, true. I know how to use it to track down spammers, certainly. But market driven, media focused, blah blah? Nope.

I won’t target ads toward you. I don’t have any ads here.

Plugins are tools that various software users can add in to their program to make it better or to automate certain processes. Like, I got one for the Announcement List, one for the Contact Form, and yeah, I got one to handle this stuff. GDPR Cookie Consent got all of this lined up and all I had to do was fill in the blanks. So the Cookie Policy page is all them. I just removed the stuff I didn’t use (like media and marketing).

TL;DR – Yes, this website uses cookies (very few websites don’t). No, I will not sell your information (not sure how I would do that anyway). Yes, you can opt out or in (see the Cookie Consent Page).

If you want to know what cookies any website has, go to the Cookieserve website and enter in the full URL.

For some more information about cookies versus localstorage, check out this article at