Welcome to the Archive

I am P. Let me escort you to your destination.

Please keep all arms inside the website at all times.

As we walk toward the Jump Ship, let me tell you of our itinerary. First, this is the Thought Patterns Archive. Active from 2003 to mid 2020, Thought Patterns was the outlet through which the great author, Paula Offutt, shared her Self. Topics ranged from family, to writing, to characters, to disabilities, to just plain ranting and raving about whatever came across that brilliant mind of hers.

In 2020, Ms Offutt decided to start anew. Her writing career was changing and it seemed a good idea (at the time) to not simply re-design Thought Patterns but–watch your step here, it’s a little higher than it looks–but to begin a brand new site.

Thought Patterns is now an archive. Nothing will be added to it, although, over time, somethings may be deleted. You will most likely see broken links, broken images, and other debris left behind. This is part intentional and part ‘getaroundtoit’.

After you have perused the archive, please board Jump Ship 19 for the trip across the galaxy to Patterns of Thought.

Oh, and do remember your manners. Ms Offutt is such a genteel individual and foul language bothers her more than anything else. Stop laughing.

Here are links to begin your journey:

Enter the Thought Patterns Archive gateway.

This way to the Jump Ship for Patterns of Thought.

For those of you that paid for the extra excursions, please see the concierge for passage to Piece of Mind (formerly They’re Just Words)