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Are you a reader who’d like to get to know authors better? Want to ask them questions, like, “WTF were you thinking when you….??” Want to tell them directly just how much you love, dislike, barely tolerate, absolutely hate a certain character or book?

Well, now you can! At least, the authors of Regal Crest Enterprises, that is.

Regal Crest authors have set up a forum where you can get the latest information, ask that burning question, make that comment (or two), and perhaps even get in on a new book from its inception!

The main site,, is still rather raw and is just a placeholder (More Info! Stay Tuned!) at the moment. The forum, however, is where the action already is taking place and where even more is planned.

Already there are ten authors ready and waiting, each with their little forum areas. There’s a place to ask general questions, other places for genre specific questions/comments. As the site becomes more active and the moderators figure out what is needed, the forum will expand.

Some of the site can be viewed without registering. Because of the nature of the writing, lesbian fiction and non-fiction, some sections are only viewable to registered users. Registration is a little different in that the Admins must approve each person individually. This not only provides a safe space, but also will cut down on the spam.

bookmark_borderSomebody Had to Lose

And I am ecstatic it was Dallas’ Cowboys! WhooHoo!

So sorry, Kev, that the Cowboys couldn’t keep up with the more professional team. The Patriots ran right over them throughout the entire game. Perhaps if the Cowboys employed more coaches and trainers than they do/did parole officers….

And what about Panthers hiring 43 yr old Testaverde? And then that same old geezer playing freakin’ fantastic ball? We didn’t get to see the game but from what I have heard and the clips I have seen, experience is worth every penny.

Then there was the New Orleans Saints and the Seattle Seahawks. What a great game that one was, too. I wonder, though, just why the Seahawks didn’t bother to show up for it.

And then there was the earlier game, the Tennessee Titans and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Awful game, really. Titan QB Vince Young got hurt running to the sidelines and Kerry Collins tried to keep the Titans in the game but, well, the Titan defense seemed to be a little confused. I dislike the Buccaneers almost as much as I enjoy disliking the Cowboys.