bookmark_borderOn Possums and Games

Mike brought me another surprise yesterday. This time a possum. It was very dead and not just playing at it. I used a plastic grocery bag, picked it up, and dumped it out behind Fort Rooster. Lorna buried it when she came home later. I couldn’t find the shovel (that’s my excuse and I’m stickin’ with it). The day before, I was on a long phone call with my baby bro. I turned around at the end of it to find several sticks, both outside balls (nasty well-used half-sized basketballs), most of a dead tennis ball, the remnants of what used to be underwear, several walnuts, and some bits of plastic (not sure from what). Mike was busy whilst I chatted! How nice of him to bring the outdoors in. Still don’t know where he found the undies.

Our dog lot includes the back porch which has a doggy ramp going from the porch to the ground. We keep the back door open so the dogs have free access to the outside. Of course, we only do this when it is warm enough. We’re supposed to be putting in a doggy door in the wall but I got sidetracked and it’s not done. Not that the doggy door would keep Mike from bringing miscellaneous stuff in. He’d probably be like that dog in a cartoon that can’t figure out why the 2′ long stick won’t go through the 1′ wide door.

As for the games, I’ve joined the ranks of those that play World of Warcraft. I know, I know. I tried to resist. I did. But I thought it would be cool to play online with my bro and his family. The problem is, they all work during the day and then at night, they have to go to bed early ’cause they gotta be at work the next day. Sigh. I don’t see how people do that. Anyway, I tried a demo, liked it, and bought the game. In case anyone knows what I’m talking about, I’m a gnome mage, level 14. My character’s name is Gadgetmoss. I have a human character, too: a mage named RockOn who is at level 8 or so. But I’m more in like with the gnome than the human one. Gnomes are funny little things with emphasis on the little. It was so funny the first time Kev joined me in the game. My character is really not much higher than his knees! I play some during the day, usually the human character, then get going with the gnome chick later in the day.

My neck is slowly getting better, although now the headaches have started. I was surprised it took them so long. Last night, I was playing the game with my sis-in-law (Col) and this guy they know. He (a level 80 somethinganother) took the two of us on an “Instance”. I think what we did was we little gnomes (Col restarted with a new character and chose a gnome so we could do things together) tagged along behind him while he blew everyone and thing up. Since we were a group, we shared the bonus points and stuff and our levels went up. That and we got a crapload of loot. Anyway, I don’t remember much of it. I had this roaring headache. And I was trying to not hurl. But it was impossible for me to leave the game. Not there! So I stayed quiet, did what I was told, and tried to not throw up on my laptop. Finally we got out of there and went somewhere safe. I used my somethinganother stone to zap back to my home tavern. And quit the game. I heavily medicated myself and went to bed. It was a rough night with weird dreams (gee, wonder why?).

So, Col, if you read this, that’s why I was so quiet. Between the headache and the nausea, it was all I could do to just focus on the game. I don’t remember much except whatshisname laughing because the two of us walked under that cannon near the end (he had to go way around it). That and I kept saying Stone Henge instead of Iron Forge. Sigh.