Anti-Muslim Rhetoric

I am so tired of it. Really, I am. I’ve had enough.

The people who crashed the planes into the World Trade Towers, the Pentagon, and those that wound up in the dirt in PA – yes, they were Muslim. They were twisted people who used their version of the Islamic laws to condone doing something very evil.

Eric Rudolph who bombed several gay bars, several abortion clinics, and even the Olympics in Atlanta is a Christian. That guy who blew up the federal building in Oklahoma and his friends that assisted him, they are all Christians. The idiots in the Davidian compound in Waco, the followers of Johnson who drank deadly Kool-Aid, and the old geezer Alamo who molested dozens of girls – they did all that in the name of their God, with their twisted version of Christianity to condone doing something evil.

Yet, where are the laws that says women can’t wear their hair real high? Where are the laws that say you can’t carry your Bible in the back window of your Buick?

The difference is the weapon Shrub and his handlers used. They used Patriotism. They used it to justify going to Afghanistan. They used it to go to Iraq. They used it to rename french fries and french ticklers. They used it to do all sorts of illegial activities. All in the name of Christian Patriotism. I don’t think American Patriotism had much to do with it.

We forget one thing. We, the Christians and the Muslims and the Jews, we all follow the same God. We just see God differently but it is the same God. I see Kevin as my baby brother, his wife sees him as Honey Bun, his kids see him as Dad. Same Kevin, just different view points.

My point is this: stop condemning an entire religion on the actions of a few. Even if those actions resulted in the deaths of over 3000 people (and not all of them were Americans, a fact they’ve conveniently let us forget). Going to Afghanistan was and is justified. Ridding the world of terrorism is a good thing. Never will be accomplished but trying to do it is a good thing. Invading Iraq….don’t get me started on that one. The Muslims are, on the whole, a good people. They have strong beliefs in nature, in each other. Just as I am not at fault for Rudolph bombing abortion clinics in the name of God, neither are all of them to blame for the actions of bin Laden.

Stop sending me anti-Muslim emails. So far, I’ve not responded. So far, I’ve kept my opinions to myself. Not any more.

I will not go naked in the streets just so Muslim men will commit suicide.

And Rudd of Australia did not tell Muslims to leave his nation so, no, I will not vote for him to be King of the World.

If women want to wear doohickeys that cover their faces, let them. It does no physical nor mental harm to them. Can’t say the same for high heeled shoes.