House Projects: Rose Room slash Office

We’ve been slowly working on the Rose Room. And I do mean slowly. So slow, I’ve not bothered to put any posts here about it.

As I’ve mentioned before, our rooms are named because, well, some of them serve no particular purpose (living room, kitchen, dining room, etc) so we named them according to their most prominent feature. Guess what the Furnace Room has in it? So the Rose Room was so named because of the rose wall paper it had. And I mean ROSES. The big ones are bigger than my hand.

The roses are gone. Over the summer, Lorna slowly cleaned and primed the walls. As a side note, we will never use Zinsser B.I.N. primer again. It is shellac based, highly flammable, and the fumes are dangerous. It is also runny as water and nearly impossible to use on the ceiling. But Lorna did it, bless her heart. We next argued decided on the paint colors. We had a lot to choose from and our likes/dislikes changed from day to day. Benjamin Moore carries little sample cans of their paints or can make a sample can if they don’t have it.

We chose a dark green for the “accent” wall and a nice blueish purpleish blue for the other walls. I HIGHLY recommend Benjamin Moore’s Natura paints. No odor, no VOC’s (bad stuff), and great paint. We loved it. And, the best part, their paint sample paper thingies? Identical match to what is on the wall. Identical. Creepy.

The ceiling we made a basic white. We were going to tint it slightly with the same color as the blue wall but decided not to. We did decide, though, to put two coats on the walls. Two of the walls are rough cut, probably cut from right there on the property when the house was built. We debated covering them with paneling but decided not to for various reasons. Cost and ability being the top two.

Before we painted, we had an electrician come out and put in 5 outlets, a light switch, and a ceiling light/fan. Whoo Hoo! The Rose Room has more outlets than the entire house (minus the kitchen)! AND a light switch! What did the room have before? None of the above. It had a light socket with no string. The Rose Room’s dimensions were altered when they put in the bathroom so the light that used to be in the middle of the room was then just a foot away from the wall. We never used the room except as storage so we were never in a hurry to replace the socket with one that had a string or chain.

The room is painted for the most part. Tomorrow Lorna will put the 2nd coat on the top half (where I can’t reach) and will touch up the ceiling. We’re still arguing debating on how to do the moulding. I want to just slap some stuff up while she wants to miter/cope/whatever it. Once that is done, most likely tomorrow, I’ll finish making my desk and move everything in!

Yeah, not holding my breath on it being done tomorrow. Sunday. Maybe.

More pics later! I’m working on setting up a gallery again. Not that I don’t have anything else to do.