Site Update 3

3:08pm – Wow. 12hrs. I did get some sleep, though! Updated a LOT of the stuff in the sidebar. Did a bunch of links, changed/updated pages, um, bunches of stuff along those lines. Changed the color of the sidebar background. But…I think it is all a little too….pastel-y. I ain’t a pastel-y gal. I like soft colors, soft textures, yeah. But….I don’t know. Wood tone colors aren’t that fun to look at sometimes. Gonna look for images of trees now. When I’m done, I’ll link to all the images I am trying out or, rather, the ones I at least liked enough to leave up for more than a few seconds.

3:42am – couldn’t sleep. About the time I was ready to, the sound I’d been hearing finally made it’s way to my brain. I thought a fish filter had gone kuput but it was a helicopter. It had been flying around for at least 45 minutes at that point. It finally changed it’s grid or something and I could no longer hear it at about 2:30, about 2hrs after I first heard it. No clue what it was looking for. We locked the doors and turned on the porch light juuuust in case.

Anyway, looked for a photo of my own and put up two photos. One in the header (our garden shed) and one in the sidebar (purple iris bud). But they no longer match the color scheme I had before so….

I’m going to bed. More later.

Site Update 2

Okay. Done for the day. Done enough damage I think.

I would really like to put the sidebar below the header (and still to the side) but I can’t seem to figure out how. I think it has to do with the placement of the ‘body’ tag but…me brain be fried.

I like the image.

Going to lessen the blue in the area where the posts appear. Probably will leave everything in the sidebar alone other than background color and putting it below the header.


Site Update

I am looking into changing the site’s theme. Right now, what you see is something I came up with using bits from two other basic themes. While I like it a lot, I’m no longer fond of the colors. I strive to make this site (and the main one) as accessible as possible and colors are the most difficult. “Web safe” seems to equal “boring and plain”.

So, anywho, if the site seems wonky with odd errors here and there, it’s ’cause I’m mucking about.

If the site doesn’t even load, it’s because the webhost is wonky. Again. I’ve been with them a loooong time (2002 or ’03?) and would rather not move. The price is good. I like the flexibility. But….come on, enough with the crashing!

Still Buggy Login Errors!

Ooookay, first time I’ve been able to log in for, like, ever!

I hope the login fairy looks kindly upon me for a while.

This time, I renamed the plugin folder to “plugin2”. I deleted the cookies for this site (again). I then was able to log in. I’ve named the plugin folder back to “plugin” and so far, it’s not tossed me out to the login page again.

I cruised the WordPress support forums (again) and found more and more login error threads. This one (“Can’t Login“) led me to a “Trac Ticket“. In it, someone mentions it could be a problem with blogs being installed in sub-directories (such as this site) and linked to another support forum thread. This one is huge (192 posts) and somewhere in it I found the “rename the plugin folder” idea.

I’ve tried various other methods prior to this latest one. Each time, it works for a while then ceases to work and I am back to the ever reloading login page. Annoying as hell.

The Trac Ticket (used for legitimate bugs, not WTF issues) mentions another fix so if this doesn’t work, I’ll try that. And when that stops working…..

Is This Microphone On?

The fun with WordPress continues. I’ve never had this much trouble before. Never. And when I did, it’s because I messed something up, not a problem with the software.

Anyway, I can’t even log in with IE anymore so it’s not a Firefox problem. Still working on getting some help but not getting very far. Either no one knows or I am the only one, which I doubt.

I’ll keep everyone updated, if I can.

Test Post

Whilst connected to the website via IE (another shudder), I went to the user section and changed a user (just another persona of me I created to view the website a different way) from member to administrator. I can now log in and do all sorts of stuff as HR (short for HolyRoller) that I have not been able to do as PaulaO.

Freaky, eh?

Anyone have any ideas?