Day Dreams

Mind too fast
Brain too hyped
Can’t sleep

Wish I could turn it off
Wish I could shut them up
Can’t sleep

Awake is my martini
Good mood–awake
Bad mood–awake
Something on my mind–awake
Can’t sleep

Eyes won’t stay open
But brain won’t shut up
The roar is too loud
Can’t sleep


The universe is a constant dance. Swing your planet, do-si-do. Orbits are synchronized to within a nana-second. Early humans used the sun to keep track of time. Stonehenge is one example of how old the concept of time is.

Inside of all of us is a clock, a rhythm that is still ticking, despite us being far removed from the hunters/gatherers. Some people can tell themselves to wake up at X o’clock and they do, right on time. Others wake up the same time every day, no matter the day.

They say dogs have no sense of time. Tell that to the dog that awaits the bus at the same time every week day. Tell that to Jake who, starting at 3:15pm on the dot, will start demanding dinner.

Some folks need that 8 hrs, others function just fine on less or more.

Me? I’m all screwed up. Night Owl poster child. It is as if my clock is just never set right. It’s not blinking 12:00 like the VCR. But it’s never right.

I got stuff on my mind and didn’t sleep last night. Haven’t napped yet today. I am trying to stay awake as long as I can in an attempt to reboot my clock again. I don’t think I will make it till 8.


  1. Well, yeah, there is that.

    I just re-read what I wrote and man, do I sound stoned or what??

    I got some sleep finally and am slightly more saner.

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