Funny Clips

I’m going through my websites and seeing what all is there. Most of it is useless crap but some of it is cool.

For example, I have some “movie” clips and a sound file or two.

(click to play; right click and “Save as…” to download)

Serenity fans: I got the Firefly Theme – “Ballad of Serenity” as an mp3 file (1398 KB)
I also have a video put together by someone named Shayz. It is called Heroes and is a .wmv file (9101 KB/8.89 MB!!).

Then, if you need a reason to laugh your arse off:

BlondeStar (.wmv video and 1816 KB)
Cat Massages Dog (.wmv video and 1202 KB)
Choose Your Underwear Carefully Not Suitable For Work! (.mpeg video and 1573 KB)