Hump Dump 2

I see the orthopedist on Tuesday afternoon. Meanwhile, we got the prescription for Percocet filled and it has cut the pain back significantly. I managed to sleep quite well last night, waking up every 5 hrs or so when the drug wore off. I went to bed at about 6pm (shock, I know) and got up at a little after 8am. My rib cage is killing me! We tried to set me up on my left side but the leg couldn’t take the weight. At 6am we set me up on my back with my big wedge pillow and that helped the ribs some but the back was not happy when I woke up. But 14hrs in bed is long enough, thanks!

We got the house set up so that it is more accessible. We thought it was until now. Usually I can hobble to where I need to be if I can’t get there with the chair. Like the bathroom. Lorna had to take the two shelving units out of the hallway and move other stuff so I could turn around. She went out to do errands and got me a walker to use to stand up from the toilet and to use to balance in the small bathroom. I normally use the sink but its come loose from the wall. She also made it so I can get almost to the bed. I use one of my forearm crutches and the dresser to hop the short distance to the bed.

Lorna has to work Monday so we’ll know then if I can make it all day by myself. She’ll make me a sandwich and put it in a small cooler so I can have lunch. I’ll have to get up when she leaves but can sleep in my chair if I need to. We have one of those phone systems that has 3 handsets and I’m getting into the habit of making sure I have one of them on me at all times. My cell phone is hooked to the chair, too.

For most folks, a broken leg isn’t to big of a deal but for me, it’s turning out to be a huge thing. My left hip is getting tender from being the pivot point for the entire leg. The left knee is also injured and is hot and tender. My rib cage aches from laying on my side. My shoulders hurt from hauling my fat ass around. My right hand and forearm are bruised from the fall. I need to make this orthopedist understand how connected my body is. How even a sore toe can cause an avalanche of problems. What a PITA I am, eh?

Okay, I need to tilt back now. The swelling in the ankle got pretty bad yesterday so I’m having to spend a lot of time tilted far back in my chair so the foot is up.

Click on the images to view larger versions. This is from yesterday and looks great compared to what it looked liked while we were in the ER (it looked like someone had shoved a football under the skin). It looks about the same today.