Does it get better?

I mean, really, does it?

We (the collective LGBT we) may or may not soon be allowed to die for our country. That’s both a Yay! and a Yay?

But we will be allowed to die for a country in which we still are not free. In most states, our most basic rights are not allowed.

We can still lose our jobs. Yes, just for being gay.
We cannot visit our partner in the hospital. Family only it says.
We cannot make decisions for our ill partner without paperwork that damn well better be perfect. Are hets even asked for proof of their marriage before making decisions?
We cannot marry our partner. Not the partner we’ve been with for over 20 yrs. But hets can marry someone they’ve known for a few seconds.

The list goes on. And, frankly, that list shows no signs of getting shorter.

So does it get better? Or do we just get more caloused at the way society treats us? Do we just get better at coping? At getting sarcastic to cover our pain?


  1. Does it get better? It seems like one step forward, two steps back. I have personally had some pretty good experiences with hospitals and doctors respecting those I choose to call family. I live far out in the country, yet my neighbors are all welcoming and friendly. I would even say protective about some.

    But marriage and the associated rights and benefits? I just shake my head. It seems that some states are making progress, but why do strangers get to dictate who I am “legally” allowed to love? The same reason we dont really own our land or homes or even our bank accounts. Just try not paying taxes and see how fast “They” strip you… including taking a chunk of your paycheck and there is nothing you can do to stop it. None of us are free. Not really. The LGBT community is just a bit less free. One step forward, two steps back.

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