Time Change and Batteries

It’s that time of year again. Time to reset all the clocks. I can never remember which way it goes and the rhyme to help folks remember doesn’t make sense to me so each time I have to look it up.

Daylight Savings Time is when we set our clocks an hour FORWARD. So what was 10am yesterday is 11am today. Which means we lose an hour. Or something like that. A few years ago, the US changed the day that this happened and it caused minor chaos with some computer systems. Kinda like Y2K but on a miniature scale. I know my PC wouldn’t change the time until it was the original day to do so. Annoying as heck.

Our bedroom clock is ‘atomic’ and sets itself (most of the time). All 3 computers set themselves. So do our cell phones and even our iPod Touch. But, alas, our vehicle clocks do not and now we go through the dance of remembering how to set them.

Also, to further the Public Service Announcement, I want to remind you to change the batteries on your smoke alarms and CO2 alarms. Don’t have them? GO GET THEM. Today. Are they hard wired? Push the test button. Go over your fire drill plans. If you have emergency food or disaster grab bags (and really, you should), go through them and change out the food and update the information.

(As a side note, WTF is up with Red Cross site’s URLs? That makes it soooooo freakin’ user friendly, don’t it?)