Time Change, Battery Change

Time for my twice yearly reminder.

Set your clocks back an hour tonight (for those of us who are clock challenged, that means instead of it being 2am, it will be 1am).

So many clocks do this automatically but not the vehicles (unless you are, like, fancy schmancy with a touch screen in your car which means I need to ask you: are you SURE you want microsoft in your vehicle? ‘blue screen of death’ brings on a whole new meaning in that format) nor good ol’ non-atomic analog clocks hanging on the wall in the living room instead of the office because it’s tick tock is so damn loud I almost threw it against the wall.

And it is also time to change the batteries in your smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, and emergency flashlights. While you are up the ladder, also push the test button. If your alarms are hard wired, push the test button anyway.

Thus endeth your biannual public service announcement.

1 thought on “Time Change, Battery Change

  1. OMG! Now, with summer comming here, even more southwards than there, we need to adjust our clocks forward, so now the time gap between us is 4 hours!!!

    This is totally killing my raiding time…

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