Book Cover!

The book cover for To Sleep is up! Let me know what you think.

You can see it and the synopsis over at the RCE site on my author page. Or just look below.

The book is due out in November, 2013. I can’t wait!

To Sleep is told through the journal of Karen Miller, a nurse and student from Philadelphia. The journal begins the night three alien ships appear above Earth. When Karen awakens, she is told Earth was destroyed by a space phenomenon called the Rift and she is to be the leader of a small group of women tasked with assisting their alien rescuers in awakening the four billion or so surviving humans who are in cryogenic suspension.

Each time Karen goes to sleep, she doesn’t know exactly what it will be like when she awakens. The line between what is real and what is not real becomes so blurred that Karen and the other women can only trust each other. When reality is finally defined, the six of them learn truths that will forever change not just themselves, but every genetic homosexual on Earth.

3 thoughts on “Book Cover!

  1. It makes me think of a hospital not anything to do with science fiction. Oh well. I can’t have everything. (I’m not wild about most of your publisher’s covers.)

  2. Yeah, well, it’s kinda what I asked for. I wanted a sterile surgical room. Covers are very hard to do. I would not want that job.

  3. Very excited for you & looking forward to reading it! I especially like seeing your name on the cover in big, bold letters. Do you have a way to pre-order? 😀

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