Biographical Information:

Paula Offutt lives in the mountains of western North Carolina. She and her partner share an old house with dogs, cats, and a koi named Haiku. Paula believes that humor is what makes the world go ’round, although love is a close second. She surrounds herself with as much of both as she can.

Her first novel, a romance titled Butch Girls Can Fix Anything, won a 2008 Golden Crown Literary Society’s award for Debut Author.

After six years of the dreaded “writer’s block”, her second novel To Sleep, was released in 2013. It was a finalist for a 2014 Golden Crown Literary Society’s award in the Science Fiction/Fantasy category.


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Graduated from Lincoln Memorial University ’88 (BA behavioral science);
Graduated from Haywood Community College ’94 (AA production crafts);
Worked as a day care worker, hot dog vendor, program director, group home staff, janitor, convenience store clerk, greenhouse laborer, solderer, potter, numerous others, and now writer.


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