So far, we have discussed various stuff on how to decide if you need a Service Dog, how to select a dog to train, training that dog, etc. There are a lot of businesses that have supplies, information, books, resources, etc to assist you with your Service Dog. If you have access to the internet, that list grows tremendously. One place to go that has a long list of resources is the DAHRT link page at, then click on link page.

For those of you without internet access, or who would rather have something in your hand to hold, I am going through the links to provide the ones that have addresses, catalogs, or phone numbers to call.

Insurance plans:

Banfield Pet Hospital – has several plans for insurance for your dog.

    • Banfield, the Pet Hospital
    • 11815 NE Glenn Widing Drive
    • Portland, OR 97220

Optimum Wellness Plans
New Optimum Wellness Plan Information and Inquiries. 1-866-277-7387
Email: [email protected].

International Association of Assistance Dog Partners – offers a “Veterinary Care Partnership Program” with various vets. You must be a member to participate. Membership is $15 a year. There are other benefits to joining.

    • IAADP c/o Jana Klepsch
    • 11318 Sioux
    Redford, MI 48239

Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI) – offers an insurance plan that reimburses so it’s good for any veterinarian. 1-800-USA-PETS

Legal Information:

A free CD-ROM containing a complete collection of the Department of Justice ADA materials, including: regulations, architectural design standards, and technical assistance publications, may be ordered by calling the ADA Information Line at 1-800-514-0301 (voice) or 1-800-514-0383 (TTY) 24 hours a day. It can also be found via the Internet at:

You can also call the above numbers to obtain a copy of the “Commonly Asked Questions About Service Animals”.

The U.S. Department of Justice provides information about the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) through a toll-free ADA Information Line. This service permits businesses, State and local governments, or others to call and ask questions about general or specific ADA requirements including questions about the ADA Standards for Accessible Design.

ADA specialists are available Monday through Friday from 9:30 AM until 5:30 PM (Eastern time) except on Thursday, when the hours are 12:30 PM until 5:30 PM. Spanish language service is also available.

For general ADA information, answers to specific technical questions, free ADA materials, or information about filing a complaint, call: 1-800-514-0301 (voice) or 1-800-514-0383 (TTY)

Service Dog Organizations:


    • 800 N. Swan, #126
    • Tucson, AZ 85711
    • 1-520-323-6677, Fax #: 1-520-323-3512

International Association of Assistance Dog Partners
Editor / Information and Advocacy Center
38691 Filly Drive
Sterling Heights, MI 48310

Canine Companions for Independence
PO Box 446
Santa Rosa, CA 95402-0446

Toll-Free 1-800-572-BARK (1-800-572-2275), Connects to nearest regional center. National Headquarters 1-866-CCI-DOGS (1-866-224-3647).


ABLE-PHONE (Model 3000 is designed for a SD to use)

    • 1246 Losser Ave
    • Gridley, CA, 95948
    • 1-530-846-PHONE

Bridgeport Leather has handmade (but off the shelf) harnesses, leashes, and collars

    • Bridgeport Leather
    • 231 Morrison Road
    • Columbus Ohio
    • 1-800-678-7353
    • 1-614-864-0336
    FAX 614-759-4718

Cool Capes has mesh capes for Service dogs; owned and operated by people with disabilities.

    • Cool Capes
    • 3702 Auburn Way South #R202
    • Auburn, WA 98092
    • 1-253-887-0811

LDS Leather Company has custom made harnesses, collars and leashes; owned and operated by people with disabilities

    • LDS Leather Company
    • 1108 West Main
    • Norman, Oklahoma 73069
    • 1-405-701-2707
    • Orders only 1-877-434-9869

Nu-Capes has reflective identification capes and accessories; owned and operated by people with disabilities.

    • Nu-Capes
    • PO Box 52648
    • Philadelphia PA 19115
    • 1-215-677-1352 (voice, tdd, fax)

PlanetDog has ecological and environmentally friendly dog toys and gifts. Call 1-800-381-1516 for catalog.

Dogwise – a Direct Book Service Inc. Company

    • Dogwise
    • 701 B Poplar
    • Wenatchee, WA 98801

Good golly! There are a LOT of links on the DAHRT link page. I thought this would be easy! I suggest that if you do not have access to the Internet, go to your local library, since many of them have free access. Go to the DAHRT website and check out the links. I hope the above listing was helpful, if not tempting. They are just the tip of the iceberg!


Originally published in EDSToday newsletter issue #8.
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