I write some poetry, when the mood strikes (usually a bad or pensive mood). And I write essays because sometimes, I got something to say but can’t say it verbally or have no platform for it. So, I write it down. Both as poetry (listed directly below) and as essays (listed further down the page).


I’ve divided my poetry into two sections: Really Old Crap and Kinda New Crap.

Really Old Crap

Good Morning – undated; college life with roommate Ana Ngdari. What a cute, hyperactive, pain the butt.

The Bird – undated; when I was very young, I found a dying bird. I squatted there, unable to do anything but watch him die. It was the first death I experienced. I knew cows died to make burgers but I wasn’t a part of it at that age. This poem looks back on it as an adult, seeing what the child did with adult eyes.

The Peach Tree – undated; on the farm in the valley, we had a large garden and at the beginning of it was this huge peach tree. Then one day, it got tired and laid down.

To the Lightning – undated; an event I had with Zeus the best dog ever.

Kinda New Crap

These are all dated starting in 2005. You can click the individual links here or go to that page.

Mama’s Day – written 5/2005 – Mother’s Day but in my voice

“Winter’s Breath” – written 10/2006 – an ode to winter

“Christmas” – written 12/2006 – where I vex about the secular Christmas mess

“Sounds of Spring” and “Smells of Spring” (a limerick!) – written Spring 2007 – personally, I like them both. They’re total opposites.

“Layers” – written 11/2013 – Some of my poetry and essays have to do with my chronic pain and my disability. This is one of them. It came right out, just like it is written. I love it when that happens.

“Off To Sleep” – written 4/17/2015 @12:30am – two words: insomnia stinks

“Float in the Wind” – written 11/14/2015 – Me and Poe and a leaf.

“Thread” – written 20/23/2017 – sanity and the lack thereof


Clinical Depression – this one is a tough one. It kinda rambles (duh) but then that’s the state of mind I was in when I wrote it. (undated)

Coping Mechanisms – not as tough to read. It is one where I was trying to give myself a pep talk but pretending it was to someone else. (undated)

Faith, Healing, and the Lack Thereof – I went through a very Christian phase many years ago. I believed it all, got really involved, and hoped for healing because I was so faithful and “into it”. But it didn’t happen. At least not in the way I initially asked for. (undated)