Regal Crest Enterprises, LLC: 1

Butch Girls Can Fix Anything (romance; Jan. ’07) winner of a 2008 GCLS Debut Author award; 2nd edition released Oct ’20 with new cover and minimal changes

To Sleep, Book One of The Soliloquy (science fiction; Nov. ’13) finalist for a 2014 GCLS award in Science Fiction/Fantasy category; 2nd edition released June ’21 with new cover and subtle changes

To Dream, Book Two of The Soliloquy (science fiction; Sept. ’15) finalist for a 2016 GCLS award in Science Fiction/Fantasy; 2nd edition to be released soon

In addition to my full-length novels, I’ve also written both short stories and non-fiction articles. I provide them here on this site for you to enjoy. So, like, enjoy.

Short Stories

Muscadine Lines: 2

Articles and Essays

EDS Today publication 3

All were articles about Service Dogs for people with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. Please note I will be slowly updating these. My writing ability has, thankfully, matured over the years

Muscadine Lines 2

Growing Up on the Farm (essay; nonfiction; Vol. 4, 2005)

Vision – resource for writers 4

  1. Regal Crest published my first three books and I am currently self-publishing.[]
  2. Sadly, Muscadine Lines stopped publishing their online magazine after the owner’s husband, a wonderful online friend of mine, suddenly died. The site was up for a few years then was taken down.[][]
  3. EDS Today stopped publication in, I think, 2007. And I swear it wasn’t my fault.[]
  4. Vision was an online resource for writers as part of the Forward Motion forum and website. It stopped publication in 2015, long after I left. Archives are still available.[]